Points – My First Android App

Update: Here’s the link to the new Android Market: Points!

So I finally finished my first Android app.  It’s called Points and it’s in the Market now!

This is a simple app and yes, there are others very similar to it already in the Market, but I wanted to make this more as a practice for me than anything else.  So with this app you can enter the calories, grams of fat, and grams of dietary fiber for the food you eat and calculate the points value according to the most recent Weight Watchers Points calculations.

home calc

The function that sets my app apart from the other options in the Market is the fact that you can then add those points to a daily total.  This way, you don’t have to try and remember how you’re doing for the day.

add reset
There will be some free updates coming, so please try out the app and send any questions/comments/suggestions my way!  Leave Comments below for quickest response, thanks!

EDIT: you can use the barcode scanner app and download it directly to your phone.  Just open up Barcode Scanner scan this:

and click “open with browser”.  It’ll take you to Points in the Market.