30 Days of Creativity – Day3

Ok, the last post was from yesterday’s project. Today’s tiny project was to make the wallpaper into one for my Droid. I’ve never made one before. The first mistake was making it 480×854 pixel resolution, since that’s the size of the display. For Android phones, the wallpaper scrolls horizontally, so the actual dimensions needed to make a wallpaper for the Droid is 960×854. Got it! Screenshot of the wallpaper in action:
screen shot

Here’s the file if anyone wants it:
source file

30 Days of Creativity – Day2

So I ran across the site http://30daysofcreativity.com/ just one day late! Basically, its a challenge to be creative everyday in the month of June. Unfortunately, this is also the same month we are moving! So I’ll be creative, but in small ways. To start things off, I’ve created a background for inspiration:

30daysofcreativity background

its 1920×1080 and please use it if you’d like! Let me know if you want a different size or color.